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Ward Off All Negative Emotions with Natural White Quartz Crystal 

Also called Snowy Quartz, Wisdom Quartz, or Milky Quartz, White Quartz is one of the most abundant stones on Earth. An opaquer version of Clear Quartz, this prolific stone contains all Mother Gaia and humanity memories and is widely used to recall past lives and access collective wisdom. Like clear quartz, this crystal holds and increases intention and even diffuses peace, calm, and tranquility into the user’s energy space and field. One of the best healing stones, it supports clearing mental, emotional, and physical balance along with energy stagnation.

Mineral Overview

  • Mineral Details: Macrocrystalline Quartz
  • Chemical composition: Composed of oxygen and silicon atoms in a continuous structure of SiO4 silicon-oxygen tetrahedra.
  • Chemical formula: Sio2
  • Hardness: 7
  • Color: Colorless
  • Refractive Index: 1.544-1.553
  • Specific gravity: 2.65

White Quartz and Its Major Uses

Natural white quartz crystal is a versatile and popular gemstone with a plethora of uses. This crystalline form of silica found in varied geological environments is valued for its natural beauty, clarity and purity, and is often used in crystal healing, jewelry making and other applications. Possessing spiritual properties like fostering intuition, amplifying energy, and maintaining emotional harmony and balance, this stone is widely used to relieve anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions.

When used in prayer or meditation, it brings about spiritual enlightenment and awareness and also helps the users make informed decisions by increasing mental focus and clarity. This quality of the stone makes it the perfect choice for those looking for better insights into career decisions or life paths.

Industrially, white quartz is used as the main ingredient in glass-making and is one of the key components in top-notch electronics, like microchips and watches, where it serves as a crystal oscillator. The stone is also found in different construction materials, such as granite countertops, and has been increasingly popular in jewelry-making due to its versatility and beauty. You can find exemplary white quartz jewelry in exclusive designs and within an affordable range at Himalaya Quartz.

White Quartz Metaphysical Properties

White quartz is a power stone known for its healing properties and the ability to work on almost any condition. Popularly known as the Universal Crystal, this stone manifests healing, channeling, meditation, and protection due to its varied uses. Due to its balancing ability, it is one of the best choices for stabilizing and harmonizing the environment and romantic relationships.

Loaded with healing energy, white quartz treats chronic arthritis, fatigue, depression, bone injuries, fibromyalgia, intestinal issues, and diabetes. It also improves physical and mental energy and strength. Since white quartz clarifies emotions and thought processes, it increases creativity and inspiration and can improve concentration, helping the user study and retain what they learn.

Tips to Care for White Quartz Crystal

White quartz is extremely durable, but proper care of the stone is still necessary to ensure you keep using it for an extended period. Tips to care for white quartz are as follows:

  • Take mild detergent and warm water to wash the stone and use soft cloth to clean crystal formation of any dust or dirt.
  • Avoid exposing the stone to strong acids, as this can damage or discolor it. Also, handle the crystal grids gently when assembling them to ensure maximum protection.
  • Store white quartz in a cool place away from direct sunlight exposure or other heat sources. Even if the stone is temperature resistant, sudden temperature changes may lead to cracking due to thermal shock.
  • Steam cleaning of the stone is not recommended as it may damage its surface.

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