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Pink Samadhi Quartz

- 10 Mar 2022

Found in the elevations of the Himalayan mountains in India,

Pink Samadhi Quartz

is the epitome of radiant love. These crystals were formed in the Himalayas over 200 million years ago and still acquire an eminent position in the world of crystals today. These are collected by hand or are precious handpicked crystals that occur in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Samadhi is a Sanskrit word that refers to a deep state of meditation that brings unification of the mind, opens gateways towards positivity, and welcomes betterment in life. Pink Samadhi Quartz does the same to you, it allows you to concentrate on the journey of oneness, spreading vibes that let you experience your true self.

This rare variety of stone brings purity and innocence from Mother Earth into our lives with its vibrant pink color. These are charismatic quartz with a palpable energy that brings its surroundings joy, peace, and harmony. Pink Samadhi Quartz also known as the

Rose Quartz

, creates a blissful harmony with the fragrance and delights of a pink rose in your environment. Rose Quartz is the sister Quarts of Pink Samadhi Quartz and it shares metaphysical properties with the same.

This stone is believed to stimulate the proper functioning of the heart and circulatory system. The healing properties of the stone help in relieving tension and stress. It is suggested for premature babies or young children who suffer from cardiac diseases or heart weakness. It is a gentle energizer and treats other sorts of illnesses that are painful, emotionally, distressing, or embarrassing symptoms or its side effects. Pink Samadhi Quartz is also beneficial for treating neurological disorders, brain dysfunction, psychosomatic, or stress-related illnesses.

Pink Quartz is used in all forms of healing including Reiki, Shiatsu, and Indian head massage. Other than this, it is used to empower the traditional Chinese herbs and medicine that contribute to therapies. The vibrations emitted through these crystals help in staying positive towards life even in harsh circumstances and all its energy focuses one to see the good rather than their unfulfilled wishes.

The shine and hues of the pink quartz have held everyone captive with a series of benefits that it introduces in its possessors life. It is a brilliant crystal that evokes sound sleep, and happy dreams both in children and adults.

You can keep this sheer delight of Pink Quartz at your home or workplace to bring calmness, peace and to create an exhilarating environment. If you are into meditation, hold the crystal in your hands, place it in your lap or keep it somewhere near you to enhance the meditation and build your connection towards spirituality.

The crystal blesses you with joyful ambiance, uplifting energies, and sacred healings for your meditation and self-care practices. If used regularly, the Pink Samadhi Quartz instills a permanence to your loving nature, helps you focus on the good, eliminating all the bad vibes out of your behavior and life. It enhances our personal talents and supports us in developing our full potential in achieving new heights.